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Moving packaged finishing tips

If you need to move, whether you are looking for movers to help you move moving cargo in Chengdu, but packaged organize valuables Pack this process is the need for us to do.

so Pack and how to get it? Army and Chengdu small moving company below to teach you how to organize:

1. put all the boxes are labeled. Fragile labels "fragile items", covered with plastic sheets to prevent dust, moisture in the clothes.

2. loading the weights. Separated from that weight, so that each box is not too heavy, such as books.

3. glass glassware protective tape or foam packing materials make up mirrors, glass boxes, painting or work of art, or, in the original and has a specially designed box.

in the Pack before the finish after what should we first need to think about what should be in accordance with the order, before starting the package you can show me a list when packing grass table. Lists are listed in the order some of the items that you use frequently, we recommend that you final packaged or packaged in the box at the top:

some common household appliances in the House need to be ready, and some small appliances can put together. Normally need to use household tools such as a hammer, screwdriver or something you can find a small box together when the time comes to do know where. There is also one of the most important valuables must be their own packed up, bank cards and all these things you want to carry on toiletries are packed in a separate box, kitchen supplies is the same fragile label outside the box but also to the army and Chengdu moving companies movers to remind of things has to be careful when handling fragile.

finally all moved the car, shipped to new bump is needed if moving things to avoid the move this cheerful careful things just ended! Chengdu military moving company here, finally wish all members a friend's housewarming!