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Finally found a job in Chengdu tomorrow, ready to move

finally got a job, ready to move

I am an underachievement of college graduates, graduation a few months, many times, has not found a suitable job, playing at home for several months, but how do young people stay at home and do not more like it, waste of time, they will play the lazier, and parents will feel embarrassed at home.

so this time from his home to Chengdu, then under his command, had to find work to earn living, even found will not beat a retreat home. I have gone to a lot of talented people market your resume, a lot of interviews, naturally, failed several times, first of all, I've just graduated from college without experience; the second college students ' difficulty in finding work, trying to find a counterpart to work harder. The reason I fail time and time again, but all I could think of is a specialist, but how is a college student, will be able to waitress, security guard. In this way, I have not given up looking for work.

later, I to has a home express company interview, main is do in phone in received business of work, probation is half months, wage is by royalty forget, feel also can, so on to try has about, half months down, led think I work of is good, I also think this copies work is can exercise people of, so in here set has down.

signed a two-year contract with the company, the company provides dormitory, also happens to rent a House to save money. I've contacted a small moving company in Chengdu, this weekend, has moved into the dormitory living, want their future here time can work smoothly.

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