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love in Xiamen Xiamen Fu Home Economics Services Ltd is a professional moving company offers moving, moving company, moving company in Xiamen, Xiamen, Xiamen phone, moving company prices of Xiamen, Xiamen factory relocation, moving company in Xiamen, Xiamen long-distance moving, long distance moving company in Xiamen, Xiamen moving company which is better service. Our main lines of business are: air conditioning in professional nannies confinement, dismantling and ammonia, moving plants, electricity installation, part-time cleaner, clean range hood, plumbing, marriage, the book of advice, baby, and to undertake indoor and outdoor decoration. In 21 actual, with economic social of fast development, and people material and spiritual life of improve, people moved service of requirements also increasingly standardized, and professional, and systematic, to adapted this requirements, on moved of needs on increasingly high, so modern domestic service has no longer is simple of traditional meaning Shang of nanny and servant, but a items complex of, and integrated of, and high skills of service work. We are committed to: attitude decides everything, detail decides success or failure, by providing first-class professional services.