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Moving notice

first, choose a moving company time: contact moving company as soon as possible, the best one week in advance to make an appointment. Because good reputation and performance moving company businesses are quite busy. 若

you move quickly, to remember the move, the company often find it difficult to do so.

Second, we note: after a good moving company, you should take some time off to their new home field, set the big-ticket items are located. Wardrobe, refrigerators and other big-ticket items through channels (such as frame size) and placement size carefully measured phrases. Otherwise we can not as you wish, and trouble.

in homes for the elderly, children, commissioned to take care to avoid moving rush affect the elderly rest, child at risk. Rubbish, waste clearance.

lives in the water, electricity and gas has been close, recording using degrees, to new homes after confirmation of water, electricity and gas can be used.

reserved parking location for new, lives in the moving vehicle. If community managers please inform a, in order to facilitate handling.

empty confirm: handling before and after discharge should check if the vehicle is empty. Handling, please pay special attention to the residence have no items missing.

before they moved and all the company's staff carry goods, fill out work orders to avoid missing any content disputes arising.

before I move to package, indicated in the box on the article name, and indicate the fragile or valuable items. Marketable securities, notes, coins, if moving it is best to carry.

during transportation, better to have more than two people in the House together. A home help services to be moved out, another bus at attention next to the car. When the vehicle after arriving at the new home, also was alone in the car to help unload, another person in the House to inform service personnel how to position it.

appliance must be moved before the defrost (fridge) and water (washing machine). And in a move that day do not use one hand to avoid electrical damage, on the other hand avoiding harm to service personnel. Fridge (air conditioner, dehumidifier) move after placement, best 2 hours plugged in to protect the life of the compressor. After the removal of the compressor, as rust water shake rust water precipitated after the operation, otherwise the compressor out of the rust water through high and low pressure valves.

after arriving at the new home of the first things: tools, toiletries, cleaning the next day for work or school supplies can finally get on, get off at the first, to set aside after new homes.

after moving into the furniture if there is breakage, scratching, confirm your moving service personnel.

after the completion of any transaction, particularly moving service personnel if you ask for a fare increase, please confirm with our company.

clearing move.