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Charge standard

, moving service (moving out of place and moved into place within a distance of 10 kilometers, and to train as a unit)

starting at 1,: move the base price car 140 Yuan less than in the second ring (car 2.5*1.5*1.5), cart 180 yuan (car 4.2*1.8*1.8). Within the third ring car big 160 Yuan, 200 Yuan. Three cars outside the ring big 180, 220 Yuan. Each additional location during transport an additional 60 Yuan (within 10 km).

2, floors: from the second floor of the building with no elevator on each floor up and down by 10 Yuan charge, plus 20 Yuan from the elevator, 15 floors above a 40 Yuan if vehicle dock is not in place by manual handling, more than 10 metres per metre plus 1.

3, extra charge: safety deposit box 1 meter high, plus 80 yuan each, 1. m-1.5 m extra 200 Yuan/month;

4, and disassembly furniture as: two door bedroom Cabinet and on door 30 yuan a fan door; three bedroom Cabinet and push doors 40 Yuan a fan door; four door bedroom Cabinet 120 Yuan up; disassembly partition added desk 50 Yuan/work bit; single split partition 20 Yuan/work bit; single loaded partition 40 Yuan/work bit; boss Taiwan containing packaging 150 yuan each Zhang, and single disassembly 50 Yuan each Zhang; conference table long 1.8 meters above 60 Yuan/Zhang.

5, extra charge: 1) high-grade porcelain, antiques, crafts, tools, art, Aquarium and glassware invites guests a separate insurance. 2) if empty, half the of the applicable handling fees, if any, shall receive 100 Yuan/time fee per hour.

Note: when loading or unloading the goods for party reasons, delays of more than 1 hour charge time charge 100 yuan per hour.

Second, long: from 200 Yuan/car, long distance one way 5 Yuan per km, round-trip toll customers pay.

third, the Labor Unit (individual) with workers without cars, over 4 hours by 40 Yuan per person, per hour fee, within 4 hours more than 1 hour by 50 Yuan charge per person per hour, 1 hour less than the base price of 280 Yuan.

four moves, air conditioning machine disassembly: (1) window (60); 1-1.5P mounted (60); one for two (100), 2P-3P (100), 5P (150). (2) add fluoride combined with pipes or other material market price.

five tours: (1) three ring within RMB 500/8 hours, with 4 workers, three-ring price is negotiable. Chartered bridge, tolls shall be borne by the customer. (2) within three rings with Lumper pay price is 400/8 hours, three-ring price negotiable, chartered by the bridge, toll fee shall be borne by the customer.

commitment: my company's commitment to community service.

Note: 1, cash and valuables up to the customer to keep 2, transit fees and parking fees paid by the customer.