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Household cleaning needs to pay attention to several common sense

in modern society, cleaning services has been increasingly accepted and needs, and has entered the lives of millions of households. Is a milestone in raising the quality of life. It allows people to constantly improve the quality of the living environment.

     belonging to commercial cleaning, cleaning services and more involved in building, residential buildings, schools, hospitals, factories, streets, the external walls of buildings, and so on all kinds of people-related buildings, cleaning and maintaining environmental health has changed from "keep clean" extends to "keep clean" this broader concept. Now, cleaning cleaning services extensions such as---room air disinfection, pest control (pest control) services, air purification, river cleaning and so on a series of services for human living environment and sanitation to provide effective protection. We can understand the basics of cleaning:

1. Family craft rugs: available ice chewing gum, and then tap with a hammer. Coffee stains, tea stains clean with ammonia and oxalic acid cleansing agent used in silk and wool.

2. Bright white color of furniture, used tooth powder or toothpaste, wipe, the effect is good, but not too much.

3. Electrostatic dust agents for wood floor daily clean the best.

4. Leather sofa cream or oil stains, shampoo SCRUB available. Ball-point pen eraser available oil wipe off. Oil, beer, sodium carbonate [baking soda] dirt such as SCRUB free SOAP and water. Exceptional milk cleaning leather sofas leather shine. Heavy dirt can only use professional cleaning agent