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Companies we also pay attention to what issues

now moving companies on the market varies greatly, the citizens must be careful in choosing a moving company. Some poor moving company, often moved to the half fare and even consumers, end consumers completely out of luck. So be sure to find a reputable moving company, moving company before you move to the valuation to ascertain price algorithms, such as the number of boxes, home floor, no elevator, car size, furniture and so on.

also, moved Shi also to note: in Porter coming Qian first in floor spread Shang waste cloth, and waste paper, so as not to designated injury floor; again confirmed price whether and previously agreed of consistent; told workers which is precious items and vulnerable broken items; moved to new homes Shi spot let workers will large pendulum to specified location; checkout Qian must carefully inventory items, focus check precious items, and easy broken items, and scattered items whether has lost or damaged, household appliances whether run good; asking for *** or receipt

moving company teaches you a simple method of choosing an auspicious day  

each individual is different, the moving company is not written on the double lunar calendars or almanacs "easy move" moved room, suitable for people moving house on the day but not necessarily for you to move. Into Zhai JI selected taking into account the sitting of the House and each of the four columns.  

because the moving day itself is no good, and good is produced by four Yin House Feng Shui pattern, his character formed by Yin and Yang between strangers.