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Move has become a symbol of respectability

moved from one home to another, not just moving furniture, changed, and means to spend money and effort. Synonyms of the move is on the move. Housewarming is naturally happy, just like the promotion is equivalent to promotion. From the said order, promotion in the first, after you move in. Because the old terms, promotion and then make a fortune; and common sense tell us that power generating wealth. If a new remote, old, fragrant nests and low-lying, cramped, move did not become a painful exile, we would also like to move do?

    , of course, all humans have so much stress. Every year migratory birds that migrate twice in the sky, flying over land, the rivers, only found on wind, water and temperature-sensing wings on it. Now that the migration has become a way of life, then for considering migration, will be on the wings, and let you die that is injured. I had wrote had a article novel, tells a in hidden in the life of sinners, often are in transform himself of residence, from a seat city relocation to another a seat city, from a article small street relocation to another a article small street, and moved of time are is rainy day, rain put moved of traces are wipe to has, like night wipe to has bat sneak of figure. In this way, each time moving closer unlimited security closer to complete alone. Similar to this and some of us, starting from the vegetation lush courtyards, and eventually moved into the cement floor, security doors and iron bars of the window. We deserve it, to separate our vision to let the bars, split into the luxury of the room of the Sun?

     However, despite this, we are willing. We are looking forward to keep moving. In order to move our humiliation waiting for promotion in order to House, we save money in order to select, we ran thin legs. Moving is not moved, move has become a symbol of respectability. Neighbors meet in the late afternoon, greeting each other "do you eat", now old friends holiday reunion, asking each other, "you." Move did not move, became a concern and interest, and anxiety. It is said that in Europe and the middle-class is marked apartment, at least there is a set of villas. It's kind of like our old rich man, in addition to the wife, and at least one wing. Only difference is that foreigners are used for living space, and our ancient houses need space to live. Now, when "make foreign things serve China, and make the" no longer just a slogan, but when it became a part of one's personal vision, move is all the more urgent. What's more, move for most people living in the dark hut, means from food and clothing to a well-off leap up! As for fashion, the rich people's every move, was a safe "adventure" and "drifting", is "life is elsewhere" a poetic practice; the real money people move every time, it is a risk ***, who knows whether housing shrinking, floors are leaking, get a title certificate?

     only two kinds of people in the world don't like moving, one is blind and is a great man. Blind is to rely on touch memory to familiar houses and roads, but the move broke his memory. New homes and roads leading to new paths, stairs, let the blind step. Great men are immersed in their own world, book, computer, inside his home, moving 100 times, and they followed not moved house. Conversely, moving home, I mean the kind of bed and sofa moved away moved, will also make his eight anxious, really great to panic. It is said that the great Kant never had moved house or married his wife, his only outing, is a small town 30 miles away in a circle, and not let their joy of discovery. In this sense, it is similar to the great and the blind man. Blind man is invisible, and is blind to the great man, so they do not need to move.

     because we are not a great man, nor blind, so we always have a secret passion for moving. We want to do normally tell people, I moved back home. As if to say, I ate a sweet grape