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To consider when moving

in moving five days before they need to do the following things:

(1) in the five days before moving to first clean up the old family furniture and cabinets, spraying anthelmintic and to avoid the old home of cockroaches, mice, ants and so on small insects in new homes.

(2) new homes bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom floors, walls thoroughly cleaned again, and in the corner kitchen and bathroom drains sprayed anthelmintic.

(3) carefully check the new home for the toilet drain sewer drain holes are unobstructed, ceilings and walls of the kitchen and bathroom are leaking, if problems are found, should be patched immediately.

(4) when handling complex audiovisual equipment lines, be sure to mark on the line or port now, so that when installed in a new home find what you want. To take their laptop hard drives, USB thumb drives, desktop hard drive to backup important digital data storage devices.

(5) to the old house property management companies, power companies, gas companies, water companies, telecommunications company finally used the data, and the suspension of the Bank's payment business;

(6) inform the post office, newspaper and magazine delivery unit and milk companies, after change of address;

(7) to the Bureau handled the phone down or moving the machine applications;

(8) to the radio and television Bureau cable TV signal lines to move applications;

(9) removal of air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines and other major appliances;

(10) gold and silver jewelry, bank accounts, securities, keeping important documents set SB, if necessary important valuables can be staged in Bank safes;

(11) phone (do not SMS) inform family and friends one by one after the change of address.

(12) the relevant units to receive the necessary permits: residential parking passes, certificates, vehicle access permits, dog cards and so on;

  moving note II:

on moving day you should do the following things:

(1) before the moving company comes, first in the new floor was covered with a layer of waste cloth or cardboard to avoid large furniture handling scratches when a new floor;

(2) determine the handling before the commencement of, to once again confirm the moving service price is same price as agreed before, so as to avoid trouble later;

(3) take charge of smuggling into their new home when, it is best to inform the moving company personnel on the spot, which placed where large so as not to put in the wrong position of the tired of suffering

(4) must be told again moving company personnel should pay attention to what is valuable or fragile items, so as to avoid disputes;

(5) before the moving services moving company the settlement money, must first of all items in the inventory of new homes, especially precious, fragile, fragmented inspections for damage or loss, appliance is running, furniture for a large bump or damage, whether the placement of the big-ticket items meet the requirement of prior;

(6) must record the moving contract deal, after the driver's name, car number, moving services can be moved to sign the contract;

(7) *** check initiative to ask for the money, receipts for possible examination.

  moving note three:

      move will be undertaken after the completion of the new arrangement:

(1) the floors, walls, tables, chairs, cabinets, air conditioners, refrigerators and other scrub;

(2) some everyday must-have put goods in the usual position to facilitate routine;

(3) when articles are basically after finishing in place, after the room is clean, you can proceed to make clothing, beds, accessories;

(4) when you are ready, you can purchase some trinkets, art to some modifications to beautify the room, there is a good mood every day.

(5) active and greet neighbors and recognize each other, establish neighborhood-friendly relations.